Friday, December 4, 2009

Google Docs Handout + Groups for the Public Essay Posted

A handout discussed in class, "Google Docs Workshop: How and When to Post Essay Drafts and Comments," has been uploaded to Please take note of steps in the workshop due today, Monday, Thursday, and next Friday. Google Docs can be accessed via Gmail or Google Apps for Colorado State University.

You can find e-mail addresses for collaborators in a class e-mail and on the "Classmates" page of the Writing Studio. If you don't see your name listed below, follow step three in the workshop. And please remember: In order to receive points for participation and preserve access to comments, revisions to the Public Essay should take place on your desktop, not online. See the handout above for more details.

  • Eric S, Stephen G, Jack H
  • Jason L, Branden K, Amanda D
  • Kayla T, Cyndi H, Kassi M
  • Rachel S, Kelly T, Valerie B
  • Brian R, Alex H, Jesse S
  • Cooper O, Senite T, Mark K
  • Regan G, Dan P, Chris N
  • Adrienne K, Michael W, Jill H
  • Kaylynn A, Robbie O, Sam S
  • Sean W, Justin S, Derek W
  • Amanda K, Rachael C, Kelsey C
  • Jonny S, Zach H, Sal B
Update: a guide for commenting on the Public Essay has also been uploaded to Previously posted handouts on field research and the Local Inquiry/Public Essay can also be found there, along with essay samples.

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